We are Hispanic. We are digital. And so much more.

Batanga Media is the largest independent digital media and content company for the U.S. Hispanic market, Latin America and Brazil. Our digital properties include Batanga.com, the Batanga Radio mobile app, iMujer.com and BolsadeMulher.com. We deliver display advertising, video and mobile solutions across our digital properties and to an extensive network of premium partners totaling more than 140M users every month. Reaching the largest digital audience of Hispanics, we entertain, inform and connect users, while offering marketers the most sophisticated digital platforms that target and engage audiences – delivering amazing results.


Our Commitment

Our commitment is simple. To make the digital ecosystem more valuable and entertaining for Hispanic communities around the world by providing them with content and applications that are relevant to their culture, language, and lifestyles. To aim to continuously evolve the Hispanic digital space in the United States and throughout Latin America.

Since 1999, Batanga Media has been a true digital pioneer. In the summer of 1999, Batanga.com introduced the first of its kind: an online radio product available to millions of Latin music fans. Instantly, Batanga.com established a loyal user base of U.S. Hispanics seeking Latin music online.
After years of delivering millions of U.S. Hispanics online to Batanga.com, in 2008, Batanga Media acquired HispanoClick, a premier Hispanic-focused online ad network. The acquisition allowed Batanga Media to be the first Hispanic content provider to deliver a Hispanic-focused ad network to this the market, and furthermore paved the way for Batanga Network, a groundbreaking network that delivers the most sophisticated industry-exclusive targeting capabilities and the largest audience of U.S. Hispanics online to date.
In 2010, Batanga.com went mobile, launching the first ever Latin radio mobile app on the iTunes App Store. The immediate popularity of the Batanga Radio App made it one of the most downloaded music apps and prompted the release of Android and Blackberry versions.
In 2011, Batanga Media completed the acquisition of two of the leading Latin American online media companies, Adfunky and I-Network. As a result of the acquisition, Batanga Media establishes local offices throughout Latin America including Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela and Brazil and becomes largest independent digital media company serving U.S. Hispanic and Latin American markets.                    
In 2012, Batanga Media announced the acquisition of Crovat, a company that created and developed over 300 consumer websites dedicated to lifestyle and entertainment content since 2007. This acquisition solidified Batanga Media as a digital leader in the women’s lifestyle category, both in the US Hispanic and Latin American Markets.                   
Batanga Media further extends its presence in the Brazilian market with the acquisition of Bolsa de Mulher, one of the strongest brands on the internet in Brazil. In addition, Batanga Media announces the launch of the Batanga Media Exchange (BMX). A programmatic private exchange, BMX is the largest Hispanic programmatic marketplace containing premium Hispanic online and mobile inventory.


Our fans are everywhere

U.S. Hispanic

With more than twelve years of expertise developing content, interacting and successfully engaging this growing market, we are the only Hispanic media company solely committed to making the Internet more valuable and entertaining for Hispanic communities around the world by providing them with content and applications that are relevant to their culture, language, lifestyle, and social realities. Reaching 30 million U.S. Hispanics online every month, we not only deliver the vast majority of this vital and emerging market, we segment the U.S. Hispanic online audience demographically, geographically, behaviorally, and contextually in either Spanish or English.


Brazil is the largest online market in Latin America and ranks as the 7th largest Internet market globally. Forecasts project that Brazil will have 98.5 million Internet users by 2015. Time online and most all-online activities have grown by double digit increases in the past year. Additionally, 70% of all eCommerce in Latin America take place in Brazil. Batanga Media reaches over 18 million users in Brazil, almost 40% of the online market.


Mexico is the second-largest Internet market in Latin America, trailing only Brazil. Internet users in Mexico spend about two and a half hours more online than the worldwide average, and are expected to surpass 64 million by 2016. Today, Batanga Media reaches 25.5M unique users, 93% of all Internet users in Mexico, and owns several of the top digital properties in the country. Batanga.com is one of the top three online radio products, while Metroflog is one of the top social networking sites in the country.

Latin America

In 2014, over 300 million people in Latin America will use the internet at least once per month. With offices throughout the region and local expertise in each country, Batanga Media provides powerful, strategic and successful solutions for all Latin American targeted online campaigns. We make it a point to reach your Latin American consumer locally, nationally or throughout the region.